White Mineral Oil/Liquid Paraffin


We supply a range of very highly refined liquid paraffin/white oil of various viscosities: they are colorless, odorless and tasteless products complies with United States Pharmacopoeia 34 edition (USP 34), USA FDA CFR 21,172.878 and 178.3620(a). Also listed with NSF International/Nonfood Compound Registration Program with category H1.


Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industry: In the pharmaceutical industry they are used extensively in ointments: they act as carriers/ dispersant where materials of soft consistency or high degree of emolliency are required . They are also used as levigating agents. They are used as a basis for internal medicines, for which purpose they are often compounded into emulsion.

In the cosmetics industry they are widely employed as solvent/dispersants in cleansing creams, lotions, hair oils, baby oils and lipsticks, where their properties permit problem free coloring/perfuming. They are easier to emulsify and do not become rancid – unlike some natural fatty materials previously used in cosmetics.

Food Packaging and Processing- Major outlets are as compressor oil: in manufacture of polyethylene; and as plasticizers and release agent in the manufacture of plastic (such as polystyrene) used in food packaging. It’s also used as rolling lubricants in the manufacture of metallic foil, as anti-foamants in the manufacture of food-packaging papers.

In the food processing industry typical applications include dough-divider oils, anti-foamants, release agent in the preparation of dehydrated fruit and as constituents of both coatings and wrapping papers for fruit and vegetables to reduce moisture-loss and retard bacterial growth.

Textiles: Major applications of these oils lie in the textile industry, where they are employed as the basis of lubricants for yarns (spin finishes, coning oils etc) and machines.

Agricultural Application: They are used as dust suppressants and binders in animal feeds, and as bases/carriers in veterinary preparations and agricultural sprays oils.

Rubbers and Plastics Processing: These oils are used in the rubber and plastics industries as extenders, plasticizers and general processing aids where good color and inertness are desirable.


Items Kinematic Viscosity cSt@40°C Flash Point °C Pour Point°C Color USP 34 TESTS
Grades/Method ASTM D-445 ASTM D-92 ASTM D-5950 Saybolt Pass
White Oil F100 16 - 24 cSt Min 200 °C Max -6 °C 30 Pass
White Oil F150 27 - 32 cSt Min 200 °C Max -6 °C 30 Pass
White Oil F380 65 - 80 cSt Min 200 °C Max -9 °C 30 Pass
White Oil F550 90 - 125 cSt Min 200 °C Max -9 °C 30 Pass


Flexibag and 173 Kg drum packed.

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